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Crochet course «Articulated body for a doll (15cm)»

Pattern crochet amigurumi doll
Course content:
Урок 1 Introductory part+
Задание 1 Materials and conventions  - предварительный просмотр
Задание 2 Additional video  - предварительный просмотр
Урок 2 Downloads+
Задание 1 Downloads
Урок 3 Legs+
Задание 1 Legs
Урок 4 Hands and breast+
Задание 1 Hands
Задание 2 Hinges and breast
Урок 5 Shaping the palm and foot+
Задание 1 Shaping the palm and foot
Урок 6 Booty+
Задание 1 Booty
Урок 7 Body+
Задание 1 Body
Урок 8 Head+
Задание 1 Head
Задание 2 Ears and swivel head

Course description:

On the course, you will learn how to connect the body with the moving ones:
— legs
— handles
— head.

You can knit a beautiful miniature body and design it as you like.
!!! Face embroidery is not included in the course !!!

The growth of the pupa is 15cm (when knitting from yarn 300m / 50g and crocheting 0.9mm)

The course does not include knitting lessons, you need crochet skills!

Access to video materials is unlimited!
You can re-study the course at any time!
It is possible to activate access to the course video materials only from two devices (for example: your PC and your phone)
A textual description of the circuit is available for download.
Video materials are available only for viewing on the site.

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