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Crochet course «The female body»

Содержание курса:
Урок 1 Additionally+
Задание 1 Materials and Abbreviations  - предварительный просмотр
Задание 2 Additional video  - предварительный просмотр
Урок 2 Breast and arms+
Задание 1 Breast
Задание 2 Right arm
Задание 3 Left arm
Урок 3 Legs+
Задание 1 The foot shape to put on shoes
Задание 2 Straight foot
Урок 4 Body+
Задание 1 Body
Урок 5 Head+
Задание 1 Head
Урок 6 Assembly+
Задание 1 Assembly

Описание курса:

Height of the doll (with the yarn 330m/50gr and crochet hook size 0,9mm):
25cm — with flat foot
27cm — with a foot shape to put on the shoes

This pattern does not contain any crochet lessons; you will need to have basic crochet skills to finish the pattern.

Your access to the pattern is unlimited.
When you purchase the pattern, you will get the access to a web site, where you find a text of the pattern, step by step photos and the following video instructions:
— feet making;
— hands making;
— legs connection;
— breast connection;
— hard parts of head making (turning head joint and nose making);
— assembly (arms sewing and head attachment);
Just a note: I do not copy the parts of the pattern shown in the video in the description and in the downloaded file.
You always can read the pattern and watch the videos again.
You may activate your access to the videos only for 2 of your devices (e.g.: your personal computer and a mobile phone).
Text of the pattern is available to download.

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