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Video course «The female body. Crochet jointed doll»

pattern crochet doll
Содержание курса:
Урок 1 Additionally+
Задание 1 Materials and Abbreviations  - предварительный просмотр
Задание 2 Additional video  - предварительный просмотр
Урок 2 Important pattern notes+
Задание 1 For course participants
Урок 3 Butt and belly+
Задание 1 Butt and belly
Урок 4 Legs+
Задание 1 Lower part
Задание 2 Upper part
Урок 5 Arms+
Задание 1 Palms
Задание 2 Bottom part of the arms
Задание 3 Top part of the arm
Урок 6 Breast+
Задание 1 Breast
Урок 7 Head+
Задание 1 Head
Урок 8 Assembly and processing+
Задание 1 Assembly and processing

Course Description:

On the course, you will learn how to crochet a body, which will have movable:
— legs (knees and thigh)
— hands (wrist, elbows and shoulders)
— breast
— head.

You can crochet a beautiful articulated body and design it as you like.

Difficulty level: high

Language: English (subtitles)

The height of the doll is 28cm (when knitting from 330m / 50g yarn and 0.9mm crochet).

Access to video materials is unlimited!
You can re-study the course at any time!
It is possible to activate access to the course video materials only from two devices (for example: your PC and your phone)
A textual description of the circuit is available for download.
Video materials are available only for viewing on the site.

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