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Materials and Abbreviations

Recommended materials and tools:

1. Yarn, 100% cotton 330m/50gr (choose yarn similar characteristics).
2. Size 0,9mm crochet hook for the body and size 0, 75mm crochet hook for the fingers
3. Contrast sewing thread for marking
4. Scissors
5. Fine needle with yarn eye
6. Copper wire d. 0,6 mm  (100cm length)
7. Pliers
8. Toy stuffing (any polyfill stuffing)
9. Toothpicks and wooden sticks to stuff
10. Cyanoacrylate adhesive (3gr glue)
For example:
Materials and Abbreviations11. PVA glue

Abbreviations (US crochet terms):

MR(n) – magic ring, where n – stitch number 
Sc – single crochet 
tr — treble crochet 
Ch – chain stitch 
Sl st – slip stitch 
hdc inc — half double crochet increase (crochet 2hdc into 1 stitch)
inc – single crochet increase (crochet 2sc into 1 stitch) 
Dec – single crochet decrease, close 2 sc together 
tog3sc – close 3sc together 
hdc – half double crochet 
dc – double crochet 
dc inc — double crochet increase, crochet 2dc into 1 stitch
BLO — work into back loops only
FLO — work into front loops only

I definitely recommend you to crochet the work the following way: wrong side is outside. The 1st reason: it is easy to make small parts; the 2nd reason:  the work is flat and beautiful; the 3rd reason: the pattern is made exactly for wrong part. 

Урок 1 Additionally-
Задание 1 Materials and Abbreviations  - предварительный просмотр
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Задание 1 Breast
Задание 2 Right hand
Задание 3 Left hand
Урок 3 Legs+
Задание 1 Left leg
Задание 2 Right leg
Урок 4 Body+
Задание 1 Body
Урок 5 Head+
Задание 1 Head
Урок 6 Assembly+
Задание 1 Assembly
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