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схема по вязанию зайчика

Pattern «Bunny»

Want to tie such a small bunny?
Especially for you, I have prepared a knitting pattern!
So take a hook in your hands, take out the thinnest yarn from stocks, stock up a little patience and knit with pleasure!
When using the materials specified in the master class, the size of the toy will be 2-2.5cm.

You will need:



1. 6sc in magic ring;
2. 6inc (12);
3. (1sc, 1inc)*6 (18);
4-6. 18sc;
7. (1sc, 1dec)*6 (12);
8. 6dec.

1. 6sc in magic ring;
2. 6inc (12);
3. (1sc, 1inc)*6 (18);
4. 4sc, 1inc, 8sc, 1inc, 4sc (20);
5-6. 20sc;
7. 4sc, 1dec, 8sc, 1dec, 4sc (18);
8. 18sc;
9. (1sc,1dec)*6 (12);
10. 12sc;
11. 6dec.

External paws:
1. 6sc in magic ring;

2. 6sc;
3. 1dec, 4sc (5);
4. 1dec, 3sc (4);
5. 4sc.
Lower paws:
1. 6sc in magic ring;

2-3. 6sc;
4. 2dec, 2sc (4)
5. 4sc.

Ears (2 parts):
8ch, 6sc, 6sc in the last loop, 6sc on the back.
1. 6sc in magic ring;
2. 6sc;
3. (1dec, 1sc)*2.
Stitch the head with the body, sew the ears and tail.
The paws are made on a thread mount for mobility.
Embroider or draw a muzzle.

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