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Pattern «High heel doll shoes»

The graceful legs of the doll should be in beautiful shoes!
I offer you a master class in knitting such shoes.
2.5 cm fit on the foot, but if you change the number of initial loops a little, you can tie the shoes under your doll.

You will need



1. 20ch, 1ch — extra loop, from the second loop from the hook: 1inc, 18sc, 3inc — in one last stitch, on the back side: 18sc, 1inc, 1sc — in extra loop
In the second row we knit a wire.
2. 1inc, 19sc, 3inc, 19sc, 2inc.
If 2 rows are not enough for you, but 3 rows are many, then in the first row knit hsc instead of sc.

1. 6sc in magic ring.
Tighten. Do not ring.
2. 1ch, 1inc, (1sc, 1inc)*2
3. 1ch, 1sc, 1inc, (2sc, 1inc)*2
4. 1ch, 2sc, 1inc, (3sc, 1inc)*2.
From the end of the row on the insole count 6 loops in both directions. Sew the heel for the inner half loops.

Attach a thread in the middle of the heel.
1. 7sc, 1dec, 8sc, sc3tog, 2sc, 8ch, skip 8 loops on the insole, with 9 loops — 2sc, sc3tog, 8sc, 1dec, 7sc, sl st
1. Ch, 15sc, sc3tog, 1sc, 6sc-On a chain of air loops, 1sc, sc3tog, 15sc, sl st.

Spike heel:
1. 4sc in magic ring
2. 4sc
3. 1inc, 3sc
4. 5sc
5. 1inc, 4sc
6-7. 6sc
8. 1inc, 5sc
9-10. 7sc
11. 1inc, 6sc
12-13. 8sc
Sew on.

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