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описание вязания крючком русалочка

Pattern «Little Mermaid»

When my tape in Insta turned into a magical microcosm, it was very difficult for me to resist)
I could not resist, and in one breath this baby was born, 6cm tall
I suggest that you knit it)

You will need:



1. 5sc in magic ring
2. 5sc
3. Right hang: 1sc, 3ch, 2sl st (finger), 4sc (5) Left hang: 3sc, 3ch, 2sl st (finger), 2sc (5)
4-7. 5sc, +2sc

Fin (2 details (Green)) :
1. 2ch, 4sc the second loop from hook
2. 4inc (work in back loop only)
3. (1sc, 1inc)* 4 (12)
4-5. 12sc
6. (1sc, 1dec)*4 (8)
7. 4dec (8)

Attach the second part 1sc to the last loop.
Place marker.
8. 3sc (on the right fin), 4sc (on the left fin), 1sc (8)
9. 8sc
10. 8inc (16)
Make a loop of wire. Insert a loop into the tail and sew.
12. (3sc, 1inc)* 4 (20)
13. 20sc
14. 2sc, 1inc, 9sc, 1inc, 7sc (22)
15. 20sc (incomplate row).
Thread be in the middle of the back

Change yarn to skin color.
16. 5sc, 1dec, 9sc, 1dec, 4sc (20) (work in front loop only — if you knit wrong side; work in back loop only — if you knit right side. Decrease must be on the sides)
17. 20sc
18. (3sc, 1dec)*4 (16)
19. 16sc
20. 4sc, 3sc on the right hand, 9sc, 3sc on the left hand, 3sc (22)
Stuffs the body.
Further decrease will be on the shoulders.
21. 3sc, 3dec, 5sc, 3dec, 2sc (16)
22. 1sc, 3dec, 3sc, 3dec (10)
Stuffs the body.
23. 5dec (5)
24-25. 5sc
Pull and trim the thread.
Leave a long thread to sew the head.
Sew holes in armpit.

1. 6sc in magic ring
2. 6inc (12)
3. (1sc, 1inc)*6 (18)
4. 1sc, 1inc, 2sc, 1inc, 1sc, 2inc, (3sc in one stitch)*2, 2inc, 1cs, 1inc, 2sc, 1inc, 1sc (30)
5. 6sc, 1inc, 5sc, 3dec, 5sc, 1inc, 6sc (29)
6. 14sc, 1dec, 13sc (28)
7. 7sc, 1inc, 12sc, 1inc, 7sc (30)
8-13. 30sc
14. (3sc, 1dec)*6 (24)
15. (2sc, 1dec)*6 (18)
Tightly fill yor head. Straighten chin.
16. (1sc, 1dec)*6 (12)
17. 6dec.
Tighten the ring. Hide yarn inside.

Attach a white yarn to the back and knit in a circle 22sl st (Knit for half loops which remained in the 16th row)
Leave the long end of the yarn.
We sew under every loop 3 onse.

6sc in magic ring. Connect in a cincle Sl st. (2 details)
Sew two parts. Tie a swimsuit on the back.
Hide yarn in body.

Make 4-5 stitches between 7 and 8 rows.
1. Paint the eyes (diameter 7-8 millimeters) and mouth on cotton fabric. Wait for the paint to dry.
2. Apply a thin layer of transparent glue to the back of the fabric. Wait for the glue to dry.
3. Cut and glue the eyes and mouth to the head.
4. Draw eyelashes with a thin needle.
5. Embroider eyebrows.
6.Toned nose and cheeks.

Take sewing thread for hair.Each strand has 5-6 threads.
Attach the hair on the principle of fringe with a Hook. Attach the hair starting from the top of the head.

Sew head to body.

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