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Crochet pattern "Baby body" (PDF)

The pattern includes:
— body (arms and legs cotter pin joint, a turning head)


You will get a digital PDF file within 2 hours after your purchasing is proceed.
(if you purchase the file from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. (Moscow), you will get the file in the morning)
Just a note: if you do not receive the file, please check your spam folder to make sure that it didn’t up there.
Sometimes letters get there instead of your inbox.

Difficulty level: medium

Language: English (text and subtitles)

You can pay: PayPal and bank card.
Estimated value in dollars:


600,00руб. (+10% commission)


This pattern is a digital PDF file, it includes a written text instruction, step by step photos and hyperlinks to helpful videos (Internet access is required).

In the pattern you will find a list of recommended materials and tools and a template to make the eyes for the doll two sizes:
— yarn 280m/50gr and crochet hook size 0,9mm — height of the doll is 21cm
— yarn 475m/50gr and crochet hook size 0,75mm — height of the doll is 15cm
The pattern does not include any crochet lessons, you will need to have basic crochet skills to finish the pattern.
Please note: we will crochet keeping wrong side of the work outside.

Recommended materials and tools:

  1. Yarn, 100% cotton 280m/50gr (Yarn, 100% cotton 4500m/50gr). Choose yarn similar characteristics.
  2. Size 0,9mm crochet hook (0,75mm)
  3. Copper wire d. 1,5mm — 60cm length (1mm)
  4. Medical tape, width 1cm
  5. Toy stuffing (any polyfill stuffing)
  6. Round nose pliers
  7. Cotter pins sizes: 1,6×20 — 2, 2×20 — 2 (the same size for a small doll)
  8. Disks: 10mm or 12mm – 4, 18mm – 4 (8mm – 4, 14mm – 4)
  9. Toothpicks and chopsticks to stuff
  10. PVA glue
  11. Cyanoacrylate adhesive (3gr glue)
  12. Needle, scissors

Abbreviations (US crochet terms):

MR(n) magic ring, where n – stitch number
Ch chain stitch
Sl st slip stitch
Sc single crochet
Hdc half double crochet
Dc double crochet
Inc single crochet increase (crochet 2sc into 1 stitch)
Dec single crochet decrease, close 2 sc together
Sc3tog close 3sc together
BLO work into back loops only
FLO work into front loops only
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