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Materials and conventions

Necessary materials:
1. Yarn 300m / 50gr.  You will need 2 skeins, or you need to unwind 1/3 of the skein.
Yarn 450m / 50gr for clothes. 
Yarn 300m / 50gr  for a stand.
2. Hook 0.9mm for body and 0.75mm for fingers
3. Synthetic fluff and holofiber
4. Wire for 0.75-1mm, wire for 0.6mm and 0.4mm (beaded)
5. PVA glue
6. Nylon thread (the same thickness as yarn)
7. Round nose pliers
8. Needles for yarn and nylon thread
9. Scissors
10. Toothpicks and stuffing skewer.
11. Neodymium magnets

Sc – single crochet 
Ch — chain single
Inc — increase
Sl st — slip stitch
Sc3tog — 3 single crochet together
Sc4tog — 4 single crochet together вместе 
Hdc — half double crochet
Ds — double crochet

Урок 1 Introductory part-
Задание 1 Materials and conventions  - предварительный просмотр
Задание 2 Additional video  - предварительный просмотр
Урок 2 Downloads+
Задание 1 Downloads
Урок 3 Legs+
Задание 1 Legs
Урок 4 Hands and breast+
Задание 1 Hands
Задание 2 Hinges and breast
Урок 5 Shaping the palm and foot+
Задание 1 Shaping the palm and foot
Урок 6 Booty+
Задание 1 Booty
Урок 7 Body+
Задание 1 Body
Урок 8 Head+
Задание 1 Head
Задание 2 Ears and swivel head
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